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KO Stables was established in 2015. However that does not mean that is only how long we have been riding and training horses for. Kayla started riding just when she was 5 years old. She rode english, western and bareback. She started out riding quarter horses, paints and thoroughbreds. Kayla learnt to jump when she was 9 years old. She also competed in local shows. She got her first horse in 2000 as her Christmas present. What a dream! She was a sorrel quarter horse named Perfect. Perfect like her rider did just a little bit of everything. Kayla then made the move to Tennessee Walking Horses and she fell in love with the breed. Her second horse was a black TWH by the name of Titan. Although, he was a gaited horse; she also jumped with him. Kayla was always the oddball at the barn. Everyone else rode english while she rode western. She ended up losing Titan in 2004 and stepped out of horses for a couple of years. She continued to ride with a friend at some local trail riding places. She was able to get back into horses full time in the year of 2006. She made her way back to quarter horses. Kayla was able to take on a working position for a well known trainer for her lessons. Kayla ended up falling in love with competitive trail and hunter under saddle as well as well barrels, poles and western pleasure. This is where Kayla also developed a passion for teaching other riders and individuals how to ride and work with horses. Kayla has developed her own unique style of teaching that helps children overcome their nervousness, where they learn about safety, how horses think and react, and how to ride. She incorporates some fun sayings to help the rider envision what they are doing incorrectly so they can improve their riding to help them get their horse to do what is being asked. She loves to teach as much as she loves to ride and train.